There is a feeling in Yoga that is uncovered in moments of quiet contemplation of love and understanding. When that is discovered we can easily apply it to ourselves and to others. Through that experience I began to realise how exciting and deep the practice of Yoga was going to be.

My interest in movement began in dance. There was a freedom and ease that I felt when dancing and when I left dance behind I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel that again.

My sister urged me to explore yoga and after a few classes I found the dynamic and transformative benefits of yoga supplied the home for my body and mind that dance had once offered.

The transition to a fully fledged yoga practictioner didn’t occur in one class but it was enough to bring me back to class again and again. When my practice turned daily and my classes to trainings I turned my focus to connecting and translating my practice to others.

I trained with The Elbowroom in 2007 and continued my studies in Hatha Yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik India. Then continuing my education in movement I certified in Pilates and Barre through the Stott method in Complete Body Movement with Dani Gonzalez Ares and Joseph McCarthy, and once again returned to The Elbowroom to study with Susan Church to obtain the 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training qualification.

My classes are all about the breath. I fully believe your breath is the key to connecting to the wholesness of who you truly are and letting go of what might be holding you back.

I have been lucky enough to have attended an eclectic array of workshops with internationally acclaimed instructors. My style of teaching is deeply rooted through my background in dance which lends itself to the smooth choreography of my classes. Alignment and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in all of my classes to inspire strength & conditioning and flexibility in the body.

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